The history of mental fitness training

The EEG Spectrum Mental Fitness Training Programme began in 1985, based on more than 20 years research by Professor Barry Sterman, Ph.D. He has published over 160 scientific papers which clearly indicate that, with the assistance of Brainwave training or neurofeedback, the brain is capable of learning and maintaining new, more beneficial response patterns even in the face of severe functional deficits.

Excited by the potential of neurofeedback for their own son, scientists Siegfried and Sue Othmer made a commitment to bring this technique out of the laboratory and into public use. EEG spectrum opened it’s first clinic in Encino, California in 1989.

A comprehensive training course followed and now there are over 1,500 professionals using EEG techniques in the USA with over 300 affiliated centres in Europe, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. EEG Spectrum promotes all aspects of the neurofeedback field, providing training for professionals in medical, educational and psychological fields.

Neurofeedback can contribute to the resolution of some of the most intractable problems in our society: the problems of addiction, impulsive and violent behaviour, mood disorders, the mental decline of the elderly and the learning and behavioural difficulties of children. It has also proven itself powerfully in clearing and focusing the brain for peak performance.

Expanding the potential of this exciting new approach will likely be one of the major thrusts in the filed of mental health in the 21st century.

A readable history is in “Symphony in the Brain” by Jim Robbins.

Dr Beverley Steffert is the U.K. affiliate for EEG Spectrum and uses their software and training methods to provide a neurofeedback service tailored to ameliorate specific learning difficulties, addiction and behaviour problems as well as promoting creativity and reducing stress.

Learning Recovery is Affiliated with EEG Spectrum International and this Web site is a useful resource, so have a look.

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