For teachers, parents and more…

For teachers

“Teaching Thinking Skills across the primary Curriculum; a practical approach for all activities” edited by Belle Wallace, A NACE/Fulton publication (2001) (for the whole class, although an individual programme could be adapted from it)

For parents
” Teaching your child Thinking skills” by Edward de Bono (penguin)
The Somerset Thinking Skills Course
a set of 7 volumes; Foundations for problem-solving, Analyzing And Synthesizing, Comparative Thinking, Positions in Space and Time, Understanding Analogies, Patterns In Space and Time, Organising and Memorising (and also a later vocational module) (01823 336204)
“Top Ten Thinking Tactics”

Questions publishing, (0121 212 0959). This also comes with a teaching plan of points to draw out. For these younger children (4-7 yrs) the primary thinking skills project is also excellent. These are a set of storybooks (“Brill the Brave” and “Riddle of the Whirlwind”) that are designed to stimulate, excite, puzzle and provoke the thinking skills of young children. Each set comes with embedded questions for the teacher – such as; Is a house the same thing as a home? Can a thing exist if no one has seen it? And so on. Can be used at both group and individual level.