Real Words: Interact with 3D Words for Dyslexia

Dyslexia is related to 2D English language that’s processed by the left (non-spatial) lobe of the brain. This is why in Chinese and Japanese, dyslexia is uncommon.

Solution: Bringing spatial processing (right lobe) to language learning can reduce the symptoms of dyslexia, which is triggered by the stress of trying to interpret 2D letters on a page.

Children or adults use Hololens to augment their reading and writing. 3D Words would generate as the user looked at a letter or word. The letter could be rotated and perceived spatially, activating whole brain symbol processing. For children, letters once pieced together could animate into the object: CAT turns into a cat and curls up and meows. CUP releases steam.

Result:Learning to read and write is simplified. Dyslexia is reduced dramatically. Dyslexic children and adults are empowered.