TV chef opens up about his condition

JAMIE OLIVER’S culinary skills and ironclad commitment to promoting healthy eating over the years have made him a tour de force, spearheading a number of successful business ventures. Despite his runaway success, Jamie lives a learning difficulty, and in an interview the chef revealed how it impacts the way he approaches tasks.

Jamie Oliver opens up about his struggle with dyslexia- ‘I see problems differently’

Jamie Oliver, 44, has built a business empire over the years, which extends across a hugely successful restaurant chain, a best-selling collection of cookery books and a number of popular TV programmes.

His passion for cookery also crossed over into the political arena in 2005, when he launched a campaign called “Feed Me Better” to move British schoolchildren towards eating healthy foods and cutting out junk food.

His push to institute changes in nutrition earned him the plaudit of “Most Inspiring Political Figure of 2005”, according to a Channel 4 News annual viewer poll