Sir Paul Smith to open dyslexia event at the University of Derby.

SIR Paul Smith will open an event at the University of Derby to raise awareness of dyslexia.

The celebrated fashion designer, who is dyslexic himself, will attend the event which has been organised by student Sarah Chapman who is also dyslexic.

The free one-day event hopes to highlight the strengths people with dyslexia can have, how organisations might benefit from these and the need for more dyslexia-friendly employment practices.

Dyslexia affects around six million people in the UK and can cause difficulties with reading, spelling and writing.

Sarah, 30, said: “Having experienced first-hand the barriers dyslexia can create, I’m passionate about making a real and lasting contribution to improving the lives of people with dyslexia.

“I hope the event will raise awareness and empower, inspire and motivate dyslexic students, whilst promoting the benefits of inclusive practice to educators and employers.”

To attend the event – entitled Dyslexia – A successful journey through university and into the workplace – or for more information visit its web page at: