Sign mind or Design mind?

Recognise this?

The visual Spatial Learner things primarily in images and pictures so sees the overall pattern, even if they miss small, unimportant details. They will tend to remember what they see, less so what they hear so visual aids are important in learning. While they can raise interest for complex problems and puzzles better than simple, easy ones, the sort of education they usually have in the Western world, means they take time to find this out and are late “bloomers” – still will have demonstrated technological, mechanical or emotional skills to parents at least, and to aware teachers. They arrive at correct solutions intuitively which gets them into trouble with their Maths teachers.

Scrabble and Dyslexia Also a problem in Maths is their excellence in geometry, physics and algebra alongside their errors in computation, times-tables and mathematical notation. In literacy their phonics (ability to break down words by sound) is less good than remembering whole words, so they have to visualise a word to spell it.
So the strengths are a creative problem-solving ability which outweighs errors in words and numbers.