Martial Arts World Champion’s autobiography

Five-time martial arts World Champion Scott Sonnon, whose recent TEDx talk on learning disabilities has reached more than 50 million people, launches his new autobiography with a free speaking tour to support dyslexia education reform.

Sonnon faced dyslexia so severe that he was hospitalized in a psychiatric institution for “disruptive classroom behavior,” as recounted in “A Mountain Stands: Confessions of a Suppressed Genius,” launching today on

“My fellow dyslexics are ignored, neglected, and in many cases, abused and shamed for our unique neurological wiring, yet are among the greatest contributors to our world,” Sonnon said. “Dyslexia is our genetic advantage – our suppressed genius.”

In addition to world championships in five different martial arts disciplines, he is a Hall of Fame trainer, video producer, professor, author, inventor and fitness leader, with books, DVDs and equipment in 68 countries worldwide.

Sonnon, whose TEDx Talk challenges perceptions of “learning disabilities,” used his “unique neurological wiring” to create innovative fitness programs, earning recognition as one of the Top 25 Trainers in the world by Men’s Fitness Magazine, “World’s Smartest Workout” Coach by Men’s Health Magazine, and was named one of the most influential martial art teachers of the 21st century by Black Belt Magazine.

Sonnon draws on his experiences to advocate for the issues of learning disabilities, obesity, post-traumatic stress, bullyism and accelerated aging in joints. He writes on these topics daily for tens of thousands of Facebook and Twitter followers.

The speaking tour opens in Brighton, MI, at 7 p.m. Monday (Aug. 11) at The Commons, a multi-use community center. It will continue nationwide and even globally amid Sonnon’s extensive travels.

Sonnon anticipates working with local chapters of the advocacy group Decoding Dyslexia and other non-profits to bring his message of hope to children, their parents and supporters.

SOURCE RMAX International