I am dyslexic and I write it myself’: Norway PM

A man who ridiculed the spelling of the ‘assistant’ managing Prime Minister Erna Solberg’s Facebook account was knocked squarely into place when she replied that she had written the post herself, adding that she suffered from dyslexia.

“I am dyslexic and I write it myself,” Solberg, who won an award for her social media use in 2013, shot back.

“It was uncomfortable being seen as a cyber bully,” Thor Morten Wangen (27) said after inadvertently becoming hit by a deluge of digital vitriol for his insensitive comments.

“I had no idea she had it, and it changes the whole situation. I was quite embarrassed.”

“It’s a little pernickety,” Wangen wrote on the Facebook page, after some typos appeared on her Facebook page. “But it seems as if Norway’s prime minister should actually have assistants who write Norwegian correctly.”

Solberg was diagnosed as suffering from dyslexia when she was 16, and has spoken about it frequently.