Haywards Heath man’s dyslexia association award

My name is Paul Milton towards the end of 2014 I went to London to the (B.D.A) British Dyslexia Association Awards evening where I was awarded the title of ‘Ambassador’ ‘In recognition for my hard work towards promoting Dyslexia, and the Arts’.

At the gala event in Mayfair I was presented with the award by a Lord from parliament.

I am dyslexic and proud to be and consider that my dyslexia has contributed to making me the person I am today. I look upon my dyslexia as a gift as it has given me inner strength and has made me stronger more resilient and reflective and compassionate as a person.

Whilst at the event I met a real spectrum of people, dyslexic people like me, and other creatives. The part I loved the most was meeting fellow dyslexics. One particular person I met was dyslexic and autistic but was so bright and intelligent and it was also pleasure to meet and talk to his lovely family.

“It felt nice to feel like I wasn’t alone there were other people like me”.”And to talk about my life experiences and what I had gone through and what they had gone through”. “It felt good to go to a place where they understood your mind set and where you were coming from and accepted you”.

I couldn’t thank the B.D.A enough they gave me back my confidence and made me realise what I was capable of and what I could achieve and what anyone can achieve with a little bit of support and kindness.

My early experiences with my Dyslexia were not the best I had a little help in primary school from a kind lady Mrs Govas and later more help from another kind lady a private tutor Mrs Marianne Griffin whilst at secondary school and even till present.

I have been very fortunate recently to have the pleasure of meeting and knowing kind people. I wouldn’t be at this stage of my career without the good supportive network of my friends new and old. I am especially thankful for organising the balcombe art’s trail because I wouldn’t have met such kind people in Balcombe such as Michaela Strahan and her team at the Half Moon Inn the Community at St Mary’s church and the Team at Tigger’s.

I would also like to thank Mathew Saward, Tracey Bateman, and Michael Lincoln, Rob Taylor and the rest of my friends who know me for their support.

We are all capable of achieving greatness that little bit of help or “a chance given” can make the difference.

I wouldn’t be at this stage of my career without a kind teacher giving me a chance and having some faith in me.

A big thank you to James Dibiase at Sussex Downs College Lewis for giving me that chance and the colleges continued support.

These life events and these chances can pave the future for many people and create opportunities.

I am passionate about art, I love art. My art is an extension of me part of my personality a little bit of my soul. With every piece I create I put time and effort and the main aspect passion into my art. I strive to do my best all the time to push further to progress to keep pushing on and achieving and to keep pushing my limits.

If you are Dyslexic please get in touch I would love to hear from you.