Dyslexics find e-readers easier to read from.

As the trend of e-readers is getting popular, researchers at the Smithsonian have discovered that people with dyslexia can read more easily and quickly and with greater comprehension from a e- reader as they can be set up to display only very words per line. This finding was published in journal PLOS ONE in September, 18th. Dyslexia is a condition where the person is visual attention deficit. It is the disability to recognize letters cluttered within the word, dyslexics also find it hard to concentrate on letters within words or words within lines. So, the e-readers reduce visual distractions within the text making it easy for dyslexic readers to read. Matthew H. Schneps, director of the Laboratory for Visual Learning at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory said, “At least a third of those with dyslexia we tested have these issues with visual attention and are helped by reading on the e-reader.”