Dyslexic Sperm Bank!

Made by Dyslexia and Y&R London’s ‘Dyslexic Sperm Bank’ is a highly arresting and intelligent piece of film communication of an important and often misunderstood issue.

It’s peak point is where someone is asked if they would like a Dyslexic baby, to which they reply “I wouldn’t kill it!”.

Typically Dyslexia is seen as a disadvantage and it certainly can create challenges as a result of traditional methods used in schooling and recruitment. Despite this, it also often gives individuals incredible strengths, akin to “superpowers” in areas of creativity and innovation.

Astonishingly, until very recently people with Dyslexia were not permitted to donate their sperm. This campaign turns that on its head by creating a pop-up sperm bank exclusively for people with Dyslexia. By drawing attention to the amazing entrepreneurs and innovators that have or had Dyslexia, including Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs, the campaign brilliantly conveys that we need to turn conventional thinking on its head and appreciate that Dyslexia can actually be an advantage.

The film itself evokes curiosity and surprise while delivering the killer stat that 40% of self-made millionaires are Dyslexic – who’d have thought!?