Different Programmes Help Different Dyslexics

LOCAL boy Josiah Quinn, 9, is learning to overcome dyslexia with the help of an alternative program.

His mum Mel Quinn said since completing the 11-week program through Australian company Cellfield, Josiah’s overall performance and learning at school had improved.

He has increased all aspects of fluency and comprehension by over one year and some by up to two years to now be reading at an age appropriate level,” she said.

Mrs Quinn said the course had included a one-week intensive intervention that engaged all of Josiah’s senses and helped to create new neural pathways.

I was searching for an answer to address the issue and that is how I found the course,” she said.

After the intensive first week we then came home and started the 10-week program.

Every day for at least an hour we would have to sit down and work through it and it has been like a miracle.

Mrs Quinn said now Josiah had completed the program he was able to read at a level appropriate for his age.

She said Josiah’s teacher at Cleve Area School had been supportive and encouraging of the program.

Josiah uses expression now when he reads and he initiates and understands what he is reading,” she said.

Mrs Quinn said the most important thing to her was finding a way for Josiah to overcome his dyslexia and not just live with it.

A lot of parents don’t know where to go and I did a lot of research,” Mrs Quinn said.

It is expensive but it costs no more than braces, it’s worth looking into alternative therapies and learning.

If people just know the program is there then that is going to do something.

Josiah said now he had finished the program he was doing better at reading, writing and maths.

I liked the idea of doing math but I couldn’t really do it before but now I blitz through it,” he said.

He said the program was “kinda hard” but was worth it because he now enjoyed reading.

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